Atom D510 performance?

Added by Jan-Peter Koopmann over 4 years ago


I am planning to build a small SOHO NAS based on Nexentastor CE. Does anyone have any experience with Atom D510 based solutions? I am talking 2-3 computers running against the NAS so nothing very fancy. Some TimeMachine backups. So I do not need 100MB/sec :-) But it would be nice to have it. :-)

I was thinking about 4 hard disks, 4GB, software based ZFS/Raid. Maybe later on a PCI-E based SSD as cache.

Regards, JP


RE: Atom D510 performance? - Added by Mike H over 4 years ago

I have found (using NS 2.X Developer Edition) that ZFS is actually somewhat hungry for CPU cycles. It does a lot of hashing internally and according to a talk I heard by Jeff Bonwick (ZFS architect) it is designed for the world of cheap computes and expensive disk accesses. My box runs on a low-end dual core athlon (LE1640? something like that w/ 4GB RAM) and I do see the CPU peak out at 100% regularly when streaming reads and writes. I see an average of about 30MB/s when reading/writing large files.

Aside from that, I built my box in 11/09 and it has been rock solid so far.

Have fun with this project!


RE: Atom D510 performance? - Added by Oscar Rylin over 4 years ago

I get anywhere from 30 - 150MB, probably averaging 80-ish. D510 @ 1.66GHz, 4GB RAM.

5x 2TB WD GreenPower disks, RAIDZ-1.