Hardware recommandation

Added by Anthony Glidic over 2 years ago

Hi, i search to build a high availability cluster. So i have check some proposition made by nexenta partner. And i think the best way is to have 2 head nodes plus some mirrored shelves behind. So my question is for the zil and the l2arc at the begining i was thinking to put 2 zeus ram for the zil and 2 others ssd for the l2arc on the node. But if i put the zil and l2arc on the head node when the head node go down i think i could be problematic because the zil won't be shared in that case.

So is it better to put the zil and the l2arc on the shelves or on the head nodes?



RE: Hardware recommandation - Added by David Bond over 2 years ago

Zil in the shelves, l2arc doesn't matter really, on failover doesn't provide much unless the failover is for a prolonged period. But l2arc in the head in a ha cluster is no longer supported. You need the zil in the shelves for the failover.

RE: Hardware recommandation - Added by Anthony Glidic over 2 years ago

Ok thanks, this is logical .

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