Group Rights not okay??

Added by Werner Frerichs over 2 years ago

Hi Newsgroup

We use Nexentastor 3.2.2

  • NexentaStor is the NIS-MasterServer
  • Access from Linux-Clients with NFS4
  • Access from Windows Clients with CIFS

Example: There are 2 Users "abc" and "def" and 2 Groups "users" and "bup".

"users" is the default group for all users. User "abc" and "def" are also in Group "bup"

If you have a file with owner "abc" and group "bup" with the following rights: "rw- rw- r--", user "def" cannot write to the file, reading is possible.

If you change the group of the file to the default one "users", user "def" can also write.


It seems, that the group access ist correct for the default usergroup, but not for the other groups. The default usergroup ist the one, that appears in "/etc/passwd".


Is it possible to solve our problem?